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Member view – SSE on Net Zero Week

Jul 06, 2023

It is likely you will have heard of SSE as a leading generator of renewable electricity and one of the largest electricity network companies in the UK. Today, we’re collaborating with SSE Energy Solutions and SSE Thermal businesses to support our drive to decarbonise the region, provide local jobs and reduce CO2 emissions, focusing on regional industry and transport.

SSE Energy Solutions develops, owns and operates low carbon infrastructure
to support the zero-carbon transition. Its ‘Whole System Thinking’ approach
harnesses technology to provide energy assets in the most flexible, joined-up, energy-efficient and cost-effective way, to decarbonise heat, transport and energy.

SSE Thermal provides the flexible power required to complement a renewable-led power system. Across the UK, it is developing ground-breaking carbon capture and storage projects, and progressing plans across the hydrogen value chain, from production to storage to power generation.

Working in collaboration with The Solent Cluster to enable the development of low-carbon electricity infrastructure in the south of England – whether that’s with local authorities, universities or private sector businesses – gives us the opportunity to invest in specific activities in the region, support business growth, and attract new business to the area, to reach our goal of being operationally Net Zero by 2050.

It’s really important to us to ensure local communities benefit from the work that we do through access to electric vehicle charging, green job creation, education and upskilling.