Why The Solent Cluster

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A unique opportunity for the South

Our vision is for the Solent to become a leading centre for low carbon investment that will grow the regional economy, protect skilled jobs, and create new employment opportunities in the energy technologies and industries of tomorrow.

The Importance of The Solent Cluster


The Solent Cluster and its importance

The Solent Cluster is the only project of its kind in the region and is backed by companies with the technical expertise and global track record of delivering cost effective low carbon solutions.

This effort could position the Solent at the centre of low carbon fuel production in the UK and make a major contribution to the country’s Net Zero ambitions by 2050.

Local significance – Global importance

The Solent Cluster could enable organisations to bid for government investment support for projects to decarbonise the Solent region and realise the benefits that can flow to the region’s businesses and communities.

By developing our ability to produce and deliver lower carbon fuels and energy, through reliable supplies of hydrogen, our plans will also help UK business remain competitive within the global market, while supporting energy resilience, fuel security and affordability.

By empowering local industry to create sustainable production processes, we can position the South Coast region as a leading clean energy hub.

As a result of its geography, geology, infrastructure and capabilities, the UK has an important opportunity to demonstrate global leadership in low carbon hydrogen and to secure competitive advantage. Building hydrogen production and enabling use across multiple sectors will be critical for developing domestic capacity and capabilities, and securing green jobs across the UK.

Sustainable fuels for a sustainable economy

Together we will create a hub of expertise and innovation that will enable the development of a new hydrogen and lower carbon fuel facility creating sustainable fuels for essential marine, aviation and transport as well as providing low carbon energy to heat homes, businesses, and public buildings in our region and beyond.

The Solent Cluster is a collaboration that will attract and deliver inward investment in low carbon technology and create a more sustainable, growing economy for the benefit of local communities and the wider country.

Our ability to deliver this initiative is anchored in the development of new hydrogen and lower carbon fuel facilities at the existing Fawley Petrochemical Complex, along with infrastructure enabling the capture, processing and storage of carbon emissions.

Working towards a Net Zero future

Through new hydrogen production facilities, the Solent can lead the way in creating low carbon fuels for the maritime industries, on which much of our region’s economic prosperity depends. Uniquely, it can also put the Solent at the heart of Sustainable Aviation Fuel production in the UK, leveraging new pipeline connections to Heathrow and Gatwick airports that are already under construction, supporting that sector’s transition to Net Zero as well as its £22bn contribution to GDP.

And closer to home, delivering on our plans will also secure the future of the existing Fawley site, protect many jobs across the Solent area and create new highly skilled jobs and training opportunities as we transition to a sustainable, Net Zero future.

The Opportunity

The Solent Cluster represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to effect real change in energy production and consumption. It brings together a wide group of members focused on the decarbonisation of businesses and industry in the southern region and beyond.