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Sustainable fuels powering a sustainable economy

The Solent Cluster and its members are committed to playing a pivotal role in lowering emissions across the Solent Region and beyond. With net zero targets set for 2050 it is crucial that we support the UK’s ambitions for a low-carbon economy, by potentially providing a reliable supply of hydrogen and sustainable fuels to multiple domestic, transportation, and industrial sectors.

With significant new investment in hydrogen production and Carbon Capture and Storage capability in the region here are a few areas The Solent Cluster will be working to make a valuable contribution.

Hydrogen Production

The Solent Cluster aims to affect real change in sustainable energy production and consumption utilising the region’s world-class industrial and academic expertise, to create exciting new opportunities in low carbon hydrogen production.

Carbon Capture and Storage

To begin the essential decarbonisation of the region as quickly as possible, The Solent Cluster and its members are intent on working together to reduce CO₂ emissions from our local industries using carbon capture and storage (CCS), the emissions that play a major role in climate change.

Sustainable Fuels

New and developing facilities and infrastructure in The Solent Cluster region, will create sustainable fuel for marine, aviation, road transport and other sectors, as well as offering the prospect of low carbon hydrogen to provide power and heat to businesses and communities in the area and beyond.

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