Taking steps now for a more sustainable future

The Solent Cluster is a collaboration that will attract and deliver inward investment in low carbon technology and create a more sustainable, growing economy for the benefit of local communities and the wider country.

Together we will create a hub of expertise and innovation that will enable the development of a new hydrogen and lower carbon fuel facility creating sustainable fuels for essential marine, aviation and transport as well as providing low carbon energy to heat homes, businesses, and public buildings in our region and beyond.

Project Timeline

The Solent Cluster – empowering local industry to create sustainable production processes, deliver reliable fuel solutions and position the South Coast region as a leading clean energy hub.

  • 2020 – 2030

    Develop a hub of expertise and innovation that will produce hydrogen fuel for industry, aviation , maritime and transportation as well as commercial and domestic power and heating.

    Enable capture and safe storage of CO₂ emissions.

  • 2030 – 2040

    Drive economic growth, protect skilled jobs and create new employment opportunities.

    Help UK business remain competitive within the global market, while supporting energy resilience, fuel security and affordability.

  • 2040 – 2050

    Make a major contribution in the transition to Net Zero and help position the UK at the cutting edge of clean energy innovation and production.

    Play a major role in powering a sustainable future for industry, transport, homes and businesses in the local community, the region and the UK.

The Technology

With significant new investment in hydrogen production and Carbon Capture and Storage capability in the region here are a few areas The Solent Cluster will be working to make a valuable contribution.