Socioeconomic Study Report

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Helping Transform Our Region

The Solent Cluster has commissioned the production of a socioeconomic report, revealing thousands of local jobs and economic growth could be delivered by ambition to lower region’s emissions.

Over 70,000 jobs could be secured, including the creation of over 18,000 new skilled jobs, as part of a potential £11.9bn economic boost, driven by decarbonisation in the Solent region.
These benefits are identified in the report which was launched at an event to mark the one-year anniversary of The Solent Cluster, which was formed to lead the region’s ambitions to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

The report not only looks at the potential economic and environmental impact of the Cluster’s vision for the Solent region, but also the skills and education focus needed to enable the development of specific decarbonisation projects.

Sustaining employment

Sustain 70,000 jobs, providing a robust employment landscape that could foster economic resilience in the Solent region.

Job Growth

Potential creation of 18,900 jobs by 2035.

Strategic Investment

Potential investment of almost £12 billion, signalling a commitment to the region’s infrastructure and economic growth.

Economic Contribution

Over £4.4 billion of potential gross value added to the economy by 2035, underlining the Solent region’s vital contribution to the UK economy.

Carbon Capture Potential

The Solent region has the capacity to potentially capture and safely store up to 10 million tonnes of CO2 annually.

Helping Transform Our Region


Socioeconomic Report

Download the Socioeconomic Report to see the potential impact of The Solent Cluster’s work for creating new employment opportunities and adding value to the economy on our journey to Net Zero.