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Member view – The University of Southampton on Net Zero Week

Jul 05, 2023

The University of Southampton is a research-intensive university with over 24,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Its research strengths are critical to The Solent Cluster and includes city infrastructures, energy, environment, wellbeing, decarbonisation, and maritime.

The University of Southampton, and its recently formed Sustainability and Resilience Institute, has great research strengths in renewable and sustainable energy production, harvesting and storage, carbon capture, utilisation, decarbonised infrastructures, human behaviour, and response to climate change.

It’s important to us to embed sustainability into our teaching, learning, research, and professional services operations, with our aim by 2030 to ensure sustainability is a part of everything the University does, including individual behaviours, collaboration, and decision-making for the future.

We are striving towards continuous improvement in areas such as energy reduction, waste and recycling, water consumption, biodiversity, and sustainable transport.

It is critical that we have a strong and sustainable future workforce to enable the transition to a decarbonised future. To initiate the Cluster, there will continue to be many research questions that need to be addressed as the UK transitions towards greener H2 solutions. These include technical societal and political questions which we can help to resolve.

Dr Lindsay-Marie Armstrong, Associate Professor, University of Southampton