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Member view – SGN on Net Zero Week

Jul 06, 2023

We supply natural gas to millions of homes and businesses. If you heat your home or cook with gas, chances are that it has probably flowed through our network.

At SGN, we’re working to adapt our existing network to distribute natural gas alternatives to sustainably keep our communities safe and warm long into the future.

We believe hydrogen has an important role in our journey to Net Zero. Our recent studies investigating hydrogen production around Southampton demonstrate how it could replace
natural gas in our pipes. The hydrogen produced would help decarbonise emission-intense sectors like heavy industry and transport, and thousands of nearby properties would benefit from locally sourced clean energy.

Transforming our gas network to deliver 100 percent hydrogen, offers a potentially low-disruption and cost-effective way of decarbonising home heating for our customers. We’re confident our plans will ensure hydrogen provides a secure, practical and affordable energy future.

For example, we are developing the design of a hydrogen network in southern England. We call it H2 Connect. The project focuses on the expansion of hydrogen production, storage and imports across the Solent and beyond. It may involve new infrastructure, but we’re exploring how we can repurpose our existing networks to support the development of The Solent Cluster.