Grey hydrogen to green 

H2V, headquartered in France, specialises in the production of green hydrogen through electrolysis. Since 2016, it has focused on production of green hydrogen to replace grey hydrogen in order to decarbonise industry and heavy transport, large CO2 emitters.

Green hydrogen is the result of a process called water electrolysis, which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen. Its manufacture and use do not release any pollution, fine particles, nitrogen oxide or CO2. 

H2V designs, builds, owns and operates large scale (> 100 mW) green hydrogen production facilities. It has opted for large-scale production to optimise costs and develop a network of service stations to supply entire territories.

Why join The Solent Cluster?

The market for green hydrogen is still immature but growing fast. It is important for H2V to be able to network with key customers and stakeholders in order to share information about its projects and learn about other relevant developments in the Solent region.

H2V views the Cluster as a forum to exchange information and a network facilitating collaboration between a group of organisations all focused on Net Zero related activity. It believes it can supply the expertise, experience and facilities for the successful production of green hydrogen that can benefit the Cluster and the region as a whole. H2V is also currently looking to set up a green hydrogen production facility in the Southampton area, which will use renewable electricity to produce hydrogen.

Decarbonising energy production

H2V is focused on green hydrogen, a market driven solely by UK and EU Net Zero commitments. Green hydrogen dramatically reduces CO2 emissions compared to other fuels and the focus on low carbon in the future means that green hydrogen will play a leading role in replacing traditional fuels with higher CO2 emissions.

Several projects in France and Belgium are currently underway and are moving towards the construction phase. These projects have been created to enable the production of green hydrogen that will replace methane in industrial settings such as steel plants, refineries and glassworks. In France, H2V is also working on the establishment of a hydrogen filling station network for heavy goods vehicles to replace existing diesel fuel.

The production process itself also has environmental benefits. A 200 mW plant, which can supply 2,500 trucks per year, releases as much oxygen as 10 million trees.

“Our work in H2V, typical of the green hydrogen sector in general, is strongly aligned with the decarbonisation / Net Zero goals of governments and other stakeholders. The Solent area, as one of the main industrial clusters in the UK, presents interesting opportunities for H2V which we are developing. We are keen to work with, share information with, and learn from other organisations working alongside us in this fast moving and dynamic sector. We believe that membership of The Solent Cluster will help us achieve this.”

Matt Norman, UK Country Manager, H2V

Become a Member

The Solent Cluster is a low-carbon energy project joining the UK’s journey to a Net Zero future. The project will produce, store, and distribute hydrogen to decarbonise the south coast region and is being developed and implemented by the collaboration of a wide variety of businesses, industries and public sector organisations.