Working together towards a lower carbon future

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Socioeconomic Report

Download the Socioeconomic Report to see the potential impact of The Solent Cluster’s work for creating new employment opportunities and adding value to the economy on our journey to Net Zero.

What is The Solent Cluster?

The Solent Cluster represents an incredible opportunity for local communities, the region, and the UK, and can effect real change in sustainable energy production and consumption.

  • 10 million

    Up to 10 million tonnes of CO₂ could be captured per year by this project, which is the equivalent to taking 3.75 million cars off the road.

  • 20 – 30 million

    20 – 30 million tonnes of CO₂ captured, transported and stored annually in clusters nationwide by 2030.

  • 40% of CO₂

    40% of all industrial CO₂ ever captured has been successfully captured by one of our founding members, ExxonMobil.

Ambitious ideas and bold solutions


Why do we need it?

Our vision is for the Solent to become a leading centre for low carbon investment that will grow the regional economy, protect skilled jobs, and create new employment opportunities in the energy technologies and industries of tomorrow.

Our Members

World leading partnerships creating a network that will decarbonise the South Coast region and beyond.

The Solent Cluster is a cross-sector collaboration of international organisations, including manufacturers and engineering companies, regional businesses and industries, leading logistics and infrastructure operators, public sector organisations and academic institutions, many with decades of proven expertise in carbon capture and storage and hydrogen technology.

The Technology

With significant new investment in hydrogen production and carbon capture and storage capability in the region here are a few areas The Solent Cluster will be working to make a valuable contribution.

Project Timeline

Empowering local industry to create sustainable production processes and position the South Coast region as a leading clean energy hub.

  • 2020–2030

    Develop a hub of expertise and innovation that will produce hydrogen fuel for industry, aviation , maritime and transportation as well as commercial and domestic power and heating.

    Enable capture and safe storage of CO₂ emissions.

  • 2030–2040

    Drive economic growth, protect skilled jobs and create new employment opportunities.

    Help UK business remain competitive within the global market, while supporting energy resilience, fuel security and affordability.

  • 2040 – 2050

    Make a major contribution in the transition to Net Zero and help position the UK at the cutting edge of clean energy innovation and production.

    Play a major role in powering a sustainable future for industry, transport, homes and businesses in the local community, the region and the UK.

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding The Solent Cluster initiative please contact us to find out more.